James Standish

James Standish

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  • The big picture

    The big picture

    There was something different at this year's South Pacific Division executive committee's year-end meetings.
  • NZ's audacity of hope

    NZ's audacity of hope

    The Adventist message is not just a good message; it’s fantastic. So why are we growing at such a tepid pace?
  • Remembering the Anzacs

    Remembering the Anzacs

    Every morning I pass my district’s four-sided war memorial. On three sides the names of those who served in World War I are etched in stone. The fourth side lists the names of those who never returned.
  • AC/DC’s highway to heaven

    AC/DC’s highway to heaven

    AC/DC drummer Phil Fudd was charged in New Zealand today for attempting to arrange two murders. His story is yet another example of how a life's journey without God is nothing but a "highway to hell".
  • Caution


    “I encounter stories of paedophiles in the church on a regular basis," writes Church of Christ minister Jimmy Hinto. "It literally is an epidemic. We are fooling ourselves to believe otherwise.”
  • Hallow thanks

    Hallow thanks

    Australia calls itself the "Lucky Country". The way our society is embracing Halloween, however, shows how little time we take to contemplate just how fortunate we really are.
  • Plum Pudding's disastrous decisions

    Plum Pudding's disastrous decisions

    This is the story of Plum Pudding and his disastrous decisions. But it didn’t start out that way. No. When Plum Pudding came to my home, it was all good things and happiness.
  • Faa’a Faa’a away (but closer than you think . . .)

    Faa’a Faa’a away (but closer than you think . . .)

    “I didn’t expect Tahiti to be, well, so urban,” an American tourist says as she surveys Papeete. Global trends are changing Tahiti, and chief among them is urbanisation.
  • Shorter, smarter, better

    Shorter, smarter, better

    There’s nothing like your child shouting "I’ll LISTEN TO YOU IF YOU STOP HURTING ME", right in the middle of a silent and packed church service.
  • WWJD?


    In the ‘90s, WWJD armbands proliferated—the letters were on every evangelical’s lips, and the question, posed in the acronym, was provided as the answer to every situation. The problem? The answer isn’t always as simple as the question.