James Standish

James Standish

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  • Where were the angels?

    Where were the angels?

    A miracle saved James Standish's father from certain death in war-torn Laos. Yet many years later he was killed in a car accident in rural Victoria. Why do God’s interventions seem so inconsistent?
  • Love on the street

    Love on the street

    Takoma Park in Washington DC used to be Adventist central. Then one day a young woman was found dead on the seat of a local bus stop.
  • Valediction


    James Standish wrapped up his tenure as Adventist Record editor on Tuesday. Here are five big ideas he has tried to share through the pages of the magazine over the past five years.
  • Thanks


    James Standish, now the former editor of Adventist Record, pens his final editorial to the Church he has served faithfully for the past five-plus years.
  • Something quite unusual

    Something quite unusual

    Something's going on at Adventist schools in North New South Wales. Something very unusual. Something absolutely amazing.
  • Success


    Is the West the best? Well, considering we're racking up so much debt and squandering the future of our kids, the answer is definitive "No". H*** NO.
  • Concentration


    Could the Australian camps on Manus and Nauru be the concentration camps of the Pacific? James Standish discusses.
  • Tithel wave

    Tithel wave

    Statistics on church membership are notoriously unreliable across denominations, including our own in many regions. But there’s a number that no-one overstates: tithe.
  • Radical


    From which group did Seventh-day Adventists inherit their spiritual DNA? The answer might surprise you.
  • YouWho?


    If you haven't already noticed, YouTube is a really big deal. But a recent search of "Adventist" and "Sabbath" on YouTube left James Standish absolutely astounded.