James Standish

James Standish

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  • Hand-grenades and hallelujahs

    Hand-grenades and hallelujahs

    Imagine being greeted at your local church by a group of high-ranking government officials. Well, that's exactly what happens at Korobosea Seventh-day Adventist Church in Papua New Guinea.
  • New


    James Standish's oldest daughter, Shea, was born several months premature. He recalls the feelings of joy, pain, hope and fear which flooded his world in those first moments of her life.
  • The 7% club

    The 7% club

    Remember two numbers: 5000 and 350. 5000 is the number of applicants Pacific Adventist University estimates it will receive for the 2015 school year. 350 is the number of spots the university has.
  • My sister?

    My sister?

    Nellie Hamura-Oa is the Adventist chaplain at the University of Papua New Guinea. But there is something a lot more interesting about her.
  • Adventist protests in PNG

    Adventist protests in PNG

    Thousands of people from a number of Christian denominations marched in the Papua New Guinea capital on Friday simply to say "thank you".
  • Build


    Knocking something down is the easy part. It's in the building up that the magic really happens.
  • The big picture

    The big picture

    There was something different at this year's South Pacific Division executive committee's year-end meetings.
  • NZ's audacity of hope

    NZ's audacity of hope

    The Adventist message is not just a good message; it’s fantastic. So why are we growing at such a tepid pace?
  • Remembering the Anzacs

    Remembering the Anzacs

    Every morning I pass my district’s four-sided war memorial. On three sides the names of those who served in World War I are etched in stone. The fourth side lists the names of those who never returned.
  • AC/DC’s highway to heaven

    AC/DC’s highway to heaven

    AC/DC drummer Phil Fudd was charged in New Zealand today for attempting to arrange two murders. His story is yet another example of how a life's journey without God is nothing but a "highway to hell".