James Standish

James Standish

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  • Peace


    Jesus turned the other cheek. But then He told His disciples to buy swords. Is it right to take up arms or not?
  • Vanuatu: Give a little, to help a lot

    Vanuatu: Give a little, to help a lot

    The cyclone that struck Vanuatu recently destroyed 53 of the 85 Adventist churches in that island nation. The churches weren’t insured, and aid organisations don’t rebuild churches. So our church members are stuck.
  • Owen's offering

    Owen's offering

    Meet the man behind Invercargill Adventist Church's long and successful adventure in residential care.
  • Jesus who?

    Jesus who?

    The picture of Jesus is in jeopardy. It's not that people don't like him—he's still extremely popular. It's that people no longer understand who he is or what he stands for.
  • Sabbath defence

    Sabbath defence

    James Standish says there is a growing movement within our Church that irrevocably undermines the foundation of the Sabbath, and much more. It's a very real challenge—one the Western Church seems not ready to deal with.
  • Lucre


    Want to see an Adventist dance? Just have a big donor play the right tune. "Money, money, money, money . . . money!"
  • Doom and Glare

    Doom and Glare

    Have you heard of the “Doomsday Clock”? Well, it's about time you did. Because it just ticked over to 3 minutes to midnight.
  • Planting a new garden

    Planting a new garden

    Like vegetables, there is little we can do to actually "make" disciples. Yet we all play a crucial role in helping them grow.
  • Love life advice

    Love life advice

    How can modern marriages survive and thrive? James Standish shares his five steps to a successful love life.
  • In the path of an inferno

    In the path of an inferno

    Dorothea Mackellar describes her “sunburnt country” as a land of beauty and a land of terror. And there's nothing in this land that terrifies more than the destructive power of fast-moving bushfires on a blistering hot summer's day.