James Standish

James Standish

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  • Together


    The walls are coming down within Adventist Media, paving the way for some exciting changes.
  • Hiring rights

    Hiring rights

    Should Adventists have the legal right to hire along faith lines in our institutions? Adventist Record editor James Standish says "yes".
  • Fate


    This story is not true. But it is accurate. It was pretty harrowing at the time. But I lived to tell the tale. And that has to be the happy ending, doesn’t it?
  • Covering NZ in Hope

    Covering NZ in Hope

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church is now just a simple, remote-control click away in most New Zealand homes.
  • Change


    Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier. Chances are you haven’t heard of these women. Yet there's also a pretty good chance your life will change because of their recent discovery.
  • Bangkok bombing reflections

    Bangkok bombing reflections

    More than 20 people lost their lives this week when a bomb exploded in a shopping village in Bangkok, Thailand. Just one week ago, James Standish was on the very corner where the bomb went off.
  • Wise


    James Standish is on a search for wisdom. "We need wisdom more than ever," he writes, "but in the crowded spaces in which we live, it is elusive."
  • CEO to leave Adventist Media

    CEO to leave Adventist Media

    Neale Schofield, CEO of Adventist Media, has asked for a leave of absence after seven years in the role.
  • Speak


    The concept of a talking donkey didn't come from the movie Shrek. The idea came from God—not for the purpose of comedy, but for the benefit of Balaam and you and me.
  • Escape from ice island

    Escape from ice island

    Kids, this one's for you. James Standish shares the story of a young girl called Rachel and her incredible escape from ice island.