Kent Kingston

Kent Kingston

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  • Ben Carson announces run for US presidency

    Ben Carson announces run for US presidency

    Renowned Adventist neurosurgeon Dr Ben Carson officially announced on Monday that he is a candidate for the American presidency.
  • International aid questioned

    International aid questioned

    ADRA Australia has defended the work of aid organisations, after the release of an OECD report that is critical of the international community’s failure to achieve poverty reduction benchmarks outlined in the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Repeat


    “Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are destined to repeat them.”
  • Youth mobilise for global service

    Youth mobilise for global service

    This Sabbath, Adventist young people around the world will put their faith into action and serve their communities in practical ways for Global Youth Day.
  • Cyclone impacts Queensland Adventists

    Cyclone impacts Queensland Adventists

    After experiencing the fury of Tropical Cyclone Marcia last month, Adventists living in central Queensland struggled without electricity for several days while they started the massive clean up.
  • Three little tweaks

    Three little tweaks

    I resonate deeply with Protestantism, especially as set out in Ellen White’s, 'The Great Controversy'. But because of the Protestant history we’ve inherited, there are some things we can improve.
  • San Pathology sold

    San Pathology sold

    Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH) has sold its pathology services to Sonic Healthcare, an Australian international healthcare company.
  • Camporee closes on spiritual high

    Camporee closes on spiritual high

    Sabbath at the iThirst South Pacific Division Pathfinder Camporee was a high point, with 1430 Pathfinders asking for Bible studies and 456 requesting baptism.
  • iThirst camporee underway

    iThirst camporee underway

    What an awesome sight to see thousands of Pathfinders on the parade ground moving together in disciplined units, their colourful flags fluttering in the wind.
  • Near miss for Kainantu

    Near miss for Kainantu

    A fatal bus crash nearly ended the camporee dreams of Pathfinders from Kainantu, in Papua New Guinea’s eastern highlands.