Adventist leader publicly defends the Sabbath

Adventist leader publicly defends the Sabbath

Published on: 20 February, 2015

What do we do when an eloquent and influential person writes something we believe contradicts the Bible? Feel intimidated? Shrug our shoulders and walk away? Get angry and rude? Or do we respectfully engage?

That was the question that faced Australian Adventists recently when the Australian Bible Society ran a piece in its influential newspaper questioning Sabbath observance. Rather than let it slide by, Adventist Record editor James Standish submitted a response that was published this month.

How well does the Seventh-day Adventist perspective stack up against thoughtful and insightful critiques?

Why not read the two pieces for yourself and decide?


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Thank you, Mr. Standish for such a lovely rebuttal concerning Creation Week. Personally, if I did not have my Bible, I would still know that God created in 6 days, the weekly cycle is solid; the animals go to sleep when sunset, and the Cock crows at the dawning of the sun. I sleep at nights and cannot stop the cycle. The Bible says, the morning and the evening was the first Day and so on. The seven days week cycle is from creation, otherwise, why for thousands of years, Man count from 1 to 7 days cycle, Jesus Christ came and show man how to live. Jesus came to establish Love instead of Choice. Its one's choise to disobey the day God want to celebrate with his human Family. A war on Freedom everything will be off balance. Do you think God allow all this so Man would see why LOVE is better than CHOICE? Jesus Love us so he died to redeem us. We LOVE him so we keep his commandments. Love is simple, Choice has IF, AND, or BUT. Obey is simple as LOVE. God IS LOVE. Follow Him.

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I am so happy for people like mr Standish who will eloquently stand up for truth! in reading the article by mr Jensen, I was deeply grieved that such a mis understanding of the new testament was written as fact! I felt over-whelmed by the prospect that the article had been used to confuse so many who are seeking truth. then to read mr standishs' article I was pleased to see it written so clearly and with right understanding. thank you for your clear thinking and timely action!

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I appreciate James Standish's response to the Bible Society's recent article! It was well thought out, articulately written, and refreshingly humble and caring. Lets not be afraid to engage our friends who have differing views on scripture (and life). Engagement demonstrates love and concern, resignation and apathy reveals the opposite!

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James Standish’s response to the Bible Society’s article is excellent, and aptly presented. The same can be said of his recent editorial, “Sabbath defence”. The Creation-Evolution confrontation, and relatedly the Sabbath-Sunday controversy, is on a roll with increasing interest in such topics in the global village. One example: The current Pope publicly presented a carefully thought-out presentation to please both evolutionary theists and Christians alike, wherein he endorsed the concept that God used the physical elements in the universe (e.g. the big bang!), in the time continuum, to albeit do His acts of creation! The papacy does not believe that the Genesis creation account is a summary narrative of the reality facts in the creation of this "blue dot" designed for life - Heb. 11:1-6. Thus the world is being duped into disbelief of creation, & thus the Creator, Jesus (Gen. 1; Ex. 20; Jn 1; Col. 1; Heb. 1; Rev. 4:11; 14:7).
Hence, the timely relevance of the three angels' messages!

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I read both articles and Elder James, I stand corrected, however the Sabbath is not for every one. In that I mean some people will never accepts this truth therefore the Sabbath is not for them. Those in our ranks who argue otherwise it was not for them also. so let those of us who have this truth tell (as a witness) it to those who will listen

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I read both articles with great interest because the "correct observance" of "Sabbath" has been a frequent topic of interest among those who, with me, gather on a weekly basis to open the Bible. God is deeply invested in personal relationships and God has blessed the occasions whenever two or three Christians gather together to share and discuss. However, the first priority in all this is the relationship of faith, trust and dependence on Christ. I see this is both articles but it is most clearly expressed in the article by Standish.

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As the Holy Bible is the word of God
given through inspiration, 2 Timothy 3:16, God says what He means and means what He says.
The 10 Commandments, not 8 or 9 or 5, are written in stone to show they do not change. They are the foundation of God's character and His kingdom.
As Christ is to be our example in all things, then we need to mirror His example. He worshipped on the Sabbath.
There are no references to Him "worshiping " on any other day of the week. He even rested in the tomb of the Sabbath. Yes let us rejoice that He is risen but if the "Sabbath" was changed do you not think something that important would have been made evidently plain in the pages of the Bible after the resurrection? If this were so then the 10 Commandments would be void. Where there is no Law there can be no sin. If no sin, no need of a Savior.

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This was a very interesting look at two sides of the 'weekly rest'senario.
James's response was wonderfully written that did not degrade the view of Michael
Jensen. They both acknowledged the destructive nature of ignoring Gods plan of resting one day in seven however only James had the correct reason for keeping the day God set aside.


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