Let the children
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Let the children

Published on: 13 January, 2016

Let the little children come to the highest, 

Let them go to Jesus because He is not biased, 

Heaven is for everyone especially for kids, 

Many people believe these words are a bunch of fibs, 

But heaven was created for you to enjoy and generate gratification,

Instead of sadness, heartache, grief and desolation, 

But for you to enter the kingdom of heaven, 

You have to humble yourself and act like 11, 

Jesus loves little children to be happy, 

Instead of being deprived and shabby, 

Many little children would love to come with Jesus, 

But their parents block them away and do whatever pleases, 

We need to be the role model and be an emissary, 

And deliver God's Word just like a missionary, 

We have to present it to them without ferocity, 

And let them accept it wholeheartedly, 

So forget your troubles, 

Because in heaven there is no rubble, 

It is clean and satisfying, 

There will be no mourning or crying, 

Because in heaven all children are permitted, 

All demoniacal spirits will be forbidden, 

So my message for you today, 

Is that heaven is a place for all to stay, 

So let us children begin the revival, 

In anticipation of Jesus' arrival.

Jordan Waterstone is in Year 7 at Nunawading Christian College, Vic.


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. . . let us children begin the revival, in anticipation of Jesus' arrival.

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