3 July 2009

New RECORD editor appointed

Wahroonga, New South Wales
David Gibbons

 Pr Pablo Lillo has been appointed to fill the new role of ‘Head of News & Editorial'. This means he will be ‘RECORD' editor.

Lillo will head up an editorial team in Wahroonga, Sydney. The team will also produce the weekly "InFocus" news TV program, as well as daily updates on www.record.net.au.

"I am excited, and yet humbled, by the this pastoral responsibility which informs, educates and nurtures church members across the South Pacific - engaging them for mission."

Pr Lillo is currently the Communication Director in the Greater Sydney Conference, a role he has held since 2005. He has also been a conference associate youth leader and a church pastor.

The editorial team has been part of the Communication Department of Adventist Media Network since January. And most of the remaining staff in Warburton will migrate to Wahroonga by the beginning of next year.

Lillo will transition into the new role during August and September. Nathan Brown, the current ‘RECORD' editor, will continue as a regular writer for ‘RECORD', but will continue to work from Adventist Media Network's Warburton campus. Brown will be the ‘Signs Book Editor' responsible for publishing 10-12 new books each year.

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